Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Morale Trap - 兵法

High morale, perhaps, can sometimes certainly be overconfidence which may lead to failure. Consider Sun Tzu's assessment, he said, "high morale alone does not win wars when it leads to overconfidence [1].
To avoid the morale trap, therefore, you must ensure you are not operating within one of these three conditions:-
The Morale Trap [1]
1. You believe you have hope when there is no hope.
2. You believe you fight to the death when you have other acceptable options.
3. You allow pride to override good judgment.

If you believe you have hope when you do not, you may take ill adventures where you should not. If you believe you fight or die when you do not really face such dire conditions, you may needlessly continue a fight for no gain. If you allow pride to override your good judgment, you may fight even when you know you should not, regardless of the consequences [1].
[1] Robert L. Cantrell (2003), Understanding Sun Tzu on The Art of War: "The Oldest Military Treatise in the World", USA, ISBN 0-9722914-0-7

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