About Us



Founded in 2003, GECB is a truly Malaysian-based professional SME & Startup consulting company that helps small-and-medium enterprises to grow business. We guide our clients through the creation of top-notch business plans, creative brand marketing plans, marketable events and promotions, convincing business proposals, realistic financial projections, business presentations and other marketing support materials to effectively present their companies and products to the audience.

At GECB, we help SMEs fly.  

What We Do 
We advise CEOs, entrepreneurs  and business owners on their critical Marketing issues and business opportunities, across most industries in major Asian countries.  

We Craft, We Write 
GECB is a company that inspires and fulfils brand owners and entrepreneurs by using our unlimited creativity and passion for branding, content and product marketing to deliver cutting-edge new excitement to vow people … only GECB can


We Help SME Fly 
The phrase “We Help SME Fly” has been our philosophy that makes us continuously striving better business results through marketing, more importantly, to enable our clients continuous business improvements with strategic planning and implementation. 

At GECB, we turn strategies to actions! 

Mission : To ensure continuous improvements in each task assigned.  

Vision : Be the leading role in SME & Startup consulting nationwide, region wide.

We provide business startup advice and small business advice as well as complicated business strategies, changes and alignment for SME and startup businesses, with turnover not more than RM1 billion per annum.

* Brand Management
* Business Development
* Cost Management
* Corporate Restructuring
* Corporate Strategy
* e-Marketing Management
* Sales & Marketing
* Talent Management
* Process Management
* Organizational Development

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