Q1: Who is GECB?
Founded since 2003, GECB is Expert in SME & Startup Consulting, Branding & Business Writing. “We Help SME Fly” is our highest aspiration. For more information on GECB, read more about us.

Q2: What does GECB do?
We help SME clients from across industries and regions in business and marketing consulting, branding and writing services. GECB offers a broad range of professional services which includes:

  • Business Plan 
  • Marketing/ Brand Plan
  • Business Proposal
  • Company Profile
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Content & Design
  • Event Management
  • Media Buying
  • Video Production
  • Training & Development

Q3: What is GECB qualification?
All our consultants and writers are experienced individuals from large and various industry areas. Most of them have MBAs or at least a degree. Most importantly we have proven records. Please refer to our case studies.

Q4: Where is GECB office located?
GE Consult is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our Gallery is located at Zetapark @ Setapak Central Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur; and our office branch is located at Plaza Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.

Q5: Do I need to fill up forms if I want to acquire your service?
Yes, feel free to fill up our enquiry form for us to understand more about your company to serve you better.

Q6: Where can I get more info about your company profile package?
In our company profile solution, we have all the information related to company profile along with the types of company profile packages that we offer. You can also view the company profile FAQ for better understanding.

Q7: Where can I get more info about your business plan package?
In our business plan solution, we have all the information related to business plan which includes the various types of business that we specialize in and the types of business plan we offer. You can also view the business plan FAQ for better understanding.

Q8: What is GEC Business Review?
The GEC Business Review is a business management portal published by GE Consult Publishing. Entrepreneurs, business owners and executives can find the latest ideas and advice on SME business, marketing, branding, strategy, and innovation and franchise.

Q9: Does GECB provide training workshops?
Yes, GECB provides two types of training solution programs include Business Plan Workshop and Marketing Strategy & Planning Workshop.  Please refer to our training solution package.

Q10: How can I register for these training workshops?
We provide online registration for our training workshops. These training sessions are organized for a group of participants (20 persons). Additional participants will be charged an extra free of RM150.

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