Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Managing Your Brand’s Facebook Page Comment – GEC Business Review

Kelvin Wong

Human beings are social by nature, that’s what made us to spend much time on a social network such as Facebook and others. Recent data from Comscore released has showed that Facebook is virtually synonymous with social media. People spend three out of every four minutes of their total social networking time on Facebook, amazing!

It’s undoubted that major Facebook brand pages have received tremendous comment counts, on a single post! To some extent, thousands of comments could have been posted, virally … per hour. After the implementation of the new Facebook advertising system in 2007, pages have become significant conversation platforms for many big brands. A brand page admins no longer scrolled through the Facebook wall, responding to questions only once or twice a day. But, many brands today are forced to manage their Facebook Pages 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Let’s review several key steps that your brand can take to prepare itself for these large-scale Facebook commenting waves. 

1. Set Your House Rule
It’s extremely important to have the basic rule in place. A precise commenting guideline and rule will help subdue any arguments among fans and page admins.

2. Do Not Delete Negative Comments
As an effort of reflecting your brand value and culture, negative commentary from fans should not be deleted. It’s important to remain transparent.

3. Practice Emergency Response Case
Here, training is essential as when a negative statement spreads to Facebook, your well-trained team is able to backup as required. Let’s employ some social media professionals that can regularly respond to your Facebook brand page.

If your company intends to invest staff and budget into the branding on Facebook presence, your fans or followers may choose to speak out irregularly in ways that require your team’s response. So, be ready!


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