Sunday, September 6, 2009

Case Study 1 - Supermarket Chain (第一集)

Topic: Corporate Turnaround
Business: Supermarket Chain
Type: Retail
Place: Pahang, Malaysia
Annual Turnover: < RM10 million

In 2003, I was assigned to revamp a sluggish performing and money losing supermarket business situated in several places within Pahang territory. Within the first week, I was pragmatic enough to "scan" the entire organization before giving my lofty ideas. The major problems and issues were highlighted as follows:-

1. Nepotism issue
2. Seniority issue
3. High creditors' ageing
4. Low sales collection
5. Unstable/ stoppage of supply
6. Low morale
7. Excessive workforce
8. Excessive slow moving goods
9. Moderate fast moving goods
10. Lousy shopping environment
11. High competitive surrounding

I believe that the company had possessed the worst, what's more, the owner had only allocated a minimal budget to facilitate the entire restructuring project. It's challenging ... upcoming next, I'll be sharing "how" to tackle each analyzed problem, and rescue the business within a short period.

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