Monday, October 26, 2009

Thirty-Six Stratagems 《三十六計》圍魏救趙

[Wei Wei Jiu Zhao] is, in the Thirty-Six Stratagems context, one of the most exciting kind of resourcefulness, and its exciting is that, in order to reverse thinking approach to the method of seemingly far away, bypassing the question of appearances, from the things origin up to solve the problem, thereby gaining a lead to win the magical effects.

圍魏救趙 是《三十六計》中最精彩的一種智謀,它的精彩之處在于,以逆向思維的方式,以表面看來舍近求遠的方法,繞開問題的表面現象,從事物的本源上去解決問題,從而取得一招致勝的神奇效果。

《三十六計》 圍魏救趙
"作戰如治水一樣,須避開強敵的鋒頭,就如疏導水流; 對弱敵進攻其弱點,就如築堤堵流。"


圍魏救趙 is workable in today's business perspective. For instance, a new locally established cosmetics Company that consulted me had experienced such financial inadequacy situation. No doubt, I personally believe that most of SME/SMIs would experience cash flow inconsistency particularly those immature ones. Then, how to overcome this?

Most of companies might have considered in applying bank loans. However, in my opinion, bank loans entail certain loan application requirements such as years of establishment of the company, cash flow stability within 6 months reflected in bank statements etc. Accordingly, such "requirements" set the cosmetics company back.

All roads lead to Rome, a turnaround approach was implemented to bypass the "seemingly far away" bank loan requirements, that was to apply Personal Bank Loan in order to facilitate a 3-month on-going business operations. As a result, the company had sustained its business and managed to maintain its cash flow stability as the collection began on the forth month.

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