Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sun Tzu Six Principles in Today's Business Context 《孫子兵法》

December 22, 2009
by Fred Victor

Sun Tzu, a Chinese Military Strategist of some 2,500 years ago during China's "Spring and Autumn Period," is the author credited with writing "The Art of War." No doubt, both practicing managers and management scholars have long embraced The Art of War.

I personally believe that Sun Tzu’s writings remain relevant to nowadays. As a guideline, the modern business context in the centrality of Sun Tzu’s Six Principles is briefly written as follows.

1. Winning Whole
In Military: How to succeed with your resources and your objective intact.
In Business: How to effectively link your scarce resource to achieve overall business objectives thus winning your business, your talented employee etc.

2. Leading to Advantage
In Military: How to prepare and position your soldiers for victory.
In Business: How to effectively locate your well-trained employee to accomplish every goal set thus strengthening comparative advantage.

3. Deception
In Military: How to keep your intentions secret from opponents.
In Business: How to tactically gain foreknowledge and surpass your competitors by applying deception, thus gaining competitive advantage.

4. Energy
In Military: How to apply force effectively and efficiently.
In Business How to effectively locate your talented employee as well as scarce resource into every business process thus developing a total quality management/production.

5. Strengths and Weaknesses
In Military: How to find the best path to the goal.
In Business: How to effectively evaluate and determine your current position, then make strategic movements thus achieving competitive edge.

6. Initiative
In Military: How to take and keep the advantage in a conflict.
In Business: How to accurately visualize the time to fight and/or not to fight through effective leadership although in a state of topsy-turvy.

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