Sunday, March 7, 2010

Business Matching Services in Malaysia

Welcome to GE Consult Business Matching Service Platform!

GE Consult offers International Business Matching Services to assist your company in finding and communicating with small to medium-sized (SME) businesses in Malaysia.

Our professional business matching services effectively connect you with right business partners, products, and/or suppliers in Malaysia. More importantly, we ensure your business works in Malaysia. Please contact our personnel – Rachel, to know more about our business matching services.

Our professional services include, but not limited:-

1. To locate and match your business partners in Malaysia;
2. To provide investment consulting;
3. To produce an industry report and collect database;
4. To register a company in Malaysia;
5. To register a trademark;
6. To provide taxation consulting;
7. To provide legal consulting;
8. To provide trade show services;
9. To provide translation services;
10. To design, print and deliver promotional materials.

You may download GE Consult Business Matching Form here.

The GE Consult Team

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