Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chart Your Business ²º¹º (for SME)

The Chart Your Business ²º¹º is a unqiue system that handles SME/SMIs' daily figures from Corporate Income through Costs of Sales various Expenditures, and right up to Profit and Loss Account. This system, specially designed by GE Consult Team, is relatively easy to handle as it is a "Spreadsheet-based Application" and User Friendly computerized system.

Based on our research and study on nowaday's SME/SMIs, to maintain periodic Business Reports accurately and timely has been a major challenge. Scarce resource is undoubtedly a fundamental weakness for SME/SMIs, the latter has caused tremendous performance inefficiency ... more importantly, headaches.

The Chart Your Business ²º¹º is thus formulated to handle figures accurately by plotting them onto our fully integrated viewable charts, graphs amd Ratios.

Standard Module

• Centralized Database Control
• Individual Database Module
• Business Reports
• Month- / Year-end On-Screen Reports
• Month- / Year-end Profit & Loss Accounts
• Single / Multi-user Application

Professional Reports

• Annual Business Analysis Report (by Corporate, by Department)
• Profit & Loss Account (by Month, by Year)
• Business Trend Report (by Department, by Month, by Year)

We're seeking Agent/Distributor in Malaysia now, please contact Ms. Rachel @ +6012 636 8000. For sales inquiry, kindly contact Mr. Goh @ +6012 322 5016.

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