Saturday, June 19, 2010

Are you CEO Material?

Are you CEO Material?

June 19, 2010
By Fred Victor

Have you ever dreamt of becoming the CEO of your Organization, though you are at the bottom tier now, that employs thousands of employees? Do you think that you will one day become the CEO of your Organization? Is this only a dream? Or you have the ability? Let’s quiz yourself.

The TEN main functions of a CEO are listed hereunder. Let’s have an in-depth thought and quiz your knowledge and experience about that:-

1. To run the SHOW.
2. Co-ordinate all the departments.
3. Approve and decide strategies to achieving goals.
4. Continuously improve talent management.
5. Continuously improve operational and cost efficiency.
6. Be ready to outclass the fierce competition.
7. Plan and prepare the Organization for future.
8. Keep shareholders happy with sustainable returns.
9. Be ready for problems with solutions.
10. Adapt requirements as per PESTEL¹.

The functions of a CEO are not limited to the above. Think carefully about all these functions, and prepare yourself mentally. Continuously gaining both knowledge and hands-on experience is essential to achieve this level – CEO.

Dreaming is good – but not day dreaming, as dreams will turn to realities when concrete actions are executed.

It’s the routine of the game … have fun!

¹PESTEL Politics, Economy, Social, Technology, Environment, Legal.

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