Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Indonesian Ranked the 5th on Facebook Share

June 8, 2010
by Fred Victor

English is undoubtedly the most common language that contributes significantly to Facebook’s total usage figure – with at least more than half of its 400 million users worldwide, followed by the Spanish (14.9%), French (5.7%), Turkish (5.3%) and Indonesian (5.0%), according to the American-based research company – Inside Facebook Gold™.

Amazingly, Bahasa Indonesia is way ahead of the Chinese crowd that accounted for around 2.3% of the userbase though the recent rapid development of the Internet infrastructure and usage growth in China (384 million users: 2009), and Taiwan (15 million users: 2009) – which contributed 28.7% and 65.9% of its respective national population, the Internet World Stats reported.

The continuous growth of Facebook’s userbase is on-going. With bulk of its daily added new users around the globe, users’ language may become an important feature for marketers working within the diverse cultural and social settings – underpinning the importance of adjusting the site to adapt different localities.

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