Sunday, March 20, 2011

Get a Good Company Profile to Attract Business

by John Wong

A top-notch company profile isn’t as superficial as gathering all details of your company in one book.

Accordingly, a company profile is an important facet in a company's marketing plans – having a great company profile helps in more than one way.

A well-crafted company profile attracts and wins customers and supporters for business, it is “marketable”, “admirable” and drawing the following attentions. Let's explore the company profile guide I shared here.

1. To Draw Buyers’ Attention
Primarily, your business needs an intriguing profile to entice your potential buyers to gain an in-depth understanding of your company’s product/service uniqueness and competitiveness (your company’s mission, personnel, strengths, policies, CSR etc. are secondary) before any purchase considerations.

2. To Draw Supporters’ Attention
A boring company profile may not be able to attract your potential suppliers and/or vendors to help growing your business. On the other hand, a marketable one helps tremendous.

3. To Draw Investors’ Attention
A comprehensive company profile should accompany your business plan to feature a unique qualification of your company – that generally not outlined in a business plan.

Since the establishment in 2003, GEC has been assisting countless small businesses in developing top-notch company profiles. At GEC, we will ensure every client’s company profile is “marketable” and “admirable” – always stays at the competitive edge!

Happy reading ;-)

GE Consult is a leading Malaysian-based Company Profile writing expert in Malaysia. Since 2003, GE Consult has helped numerous local SMEs/SMIs in developing their company profiles, and has assisted clients in securing business deals and contracts. If you are looking for a winning company profile write-up service, please do not hesitate to contact Rachel at (+6012) 636 8000 and/or email for further service explanation.


  1. Got branch in Shanghai?

  2. I am a MBA student and I am working on a major project. I want to prepare company profile. Please suggest me site from where I can get company data which is required to me.

  3. First, it depends solely on what sort of info you intend to.

    But if you're about to dig a specific company's general information, you should try searching the company's Website, preferably the "Background" section.

  4. You have a good blog with great articles, keep up the good work!

    Stefano, US

  5. Short and sharp! Tq

  6. GE Consult TeamApril 06, 2012

    Thanks guys, for your compliments and supports! We'll do it better and better ;-)


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