Tuesday, October 11, 2011

5Bs for Social Media Marketing Strategies

by Rachel Poh

The Internet is becoming a social occurrence that no one can ignore, no doubt! There are various social avenues opening up for (Internet) marketers, enabling them to get closer to the customers and also the potential one. That’s how influential social media marketing is nowadays.

To make them happen, you can actually utilize different strategies to approach, to serve and to give your customers the things they desire. The following Bs refers the power to complete things.

Be Interactive
Delegate someone in charge of your social media sites. Ensure the person is attentive to each interaction.

Be Linked
Link your social media site from one to another. For instance, your Facebook account should link to at least several other platforms like Twitter, YouTube etc.

Be Real, Be Social
Don’t simply hammer away in “discounts” and/or “tips” at all time, be free to converse about other things and make yourself known as a real person.

Be Consistent
Your presence will become felt if you respond to questions on a regular basis.

Be Exclusive
Let’s provide some token to people who interact along with special offers.

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