Sunday, October 23, 2011

Understanding of Branding Basic – GEC Business Review

by Paul Yeung

The first step in brand marketing is to understand what a brand is, how a brand works, and what it can mean to the business owners, employees and customers. So let's describe branding, categories of the branding, and the unique benefits.

Branding is a mechanism which can be applied on substrates such as wood, fabric, plastic, soap and many more. It is considered to be the most inexpensive way to label something that is capable to sparkle.

What about brand name? Its logo and what's in a name?

Ever wondered what branding is and how it works, let’s consider Levis as an example. What will one think about when he or she hears the word, Levis? Needless to say, the first thought may not be the Levi & Strauss Co., but jeans. Jeans as what he or she relates.

The name Levi Strauss is the associated product brand known as Levis the jeans. This equation of name to product is called branding. A brand name will establish a level of trust, authority and favourable image, to certain extent (depending on its brand marketing strategy). For Levi, the brand has been successful in creating its brand name to the world. Simply everyone recognizes it, knows it and likes it (when it comes to jeans).

Briefly, branding is the idea that whenever you hear a name of a product (trademarked – ™) or a service (service marked – ℠), you will know what that product or service refers to. Often, this is called brand conscious or brand awareness. Moreover, the consumer has an unspoken expectation about what that product or service will deliver.

The brand Louis Vuitton (often shortened as LV) is best to illustrate this. That is, the consumer expects the product to be predictable and reliable in terms of quality and luxury when she hears the name and when she buys it.

In summary, branding is an expression that is regarded as a standard term that applies to any substance or thing or a person. To brand some thing is to personalize it in some way.

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