Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Truly Global Company Requires a World-Class Culture – GEC Business Review

by Rachel Poh

How to become a global company?

Well, it’s one of the favourite questions asked most. It probably requires one to take a deep breath before answering such short question in long answer. In short, you have to develop a world-class culture in order to become a truly global company.

There are lots of Asian companies shy away from building a truly great culture, which is very apparent. Often, these companies think either too expensive or not-so-important matter. However, truly great companies really look at the money spent on things like employees’ compensations and benefits, and incentives as investments in their people. No doubt, as far as investment is concerned, they expect the returns are in numerous folds.

Let’s think:

Your company needs top-notch employees to build world-class culture in order to shape a successful company. Then, they will thrive in an environment where it nourishes and inspires them.

Google, which is no stranger to anyone on earth (I assume), is one of the most successful companies in the world. Google has great offices, often decorated with young and energetic elements like brightness, colorful; and packed with nap pods, putting greens, pool tables, pinball machines and so on. Look! Google isn't staffed by slackers with laid-back way of working. But, Google attracts top candidates in any field, you name it!

I believe that it is Google’s rich culture that has attracted the various kind of talent that allows it to prosper continuously.

It isn’t as simple as just spending big money in decorating your offices with funky furniture and equipment, and putting video games and machines that create world-class culture. Let’s think about the competency of your employees, the leaderships of your managers, the benefits of employees, the performance management to encourage provoking ideas and thoughts that will foster a winning environment of continual success.

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