Monday, December 9, 2013

World’s Best CEO by Industry & Region – GEC Business Review

by Kelvin Wong

In nowadays' Malaysia SME climate, there are many young and very ambitious individuals who aspire to be CEOs. However, what does it take to be a CEO?

Let’s look into this topic by referring to a HarvardBusiness Review (HBR) study revealed about CEOs in the world.

Demographics of Greatest CEOs

A recent HBR study published a list of the 100 best performing CEOs globally.

Interestingly, out of these 100 CEOs, only two are females. 84% are insiders in the company, in other words, they were promoted CEOs from within.

Only 27% are holders of an MBA, 61% were college educated outside the United States, 38% were college educated in the United States, and 1% dropped out of college.

Another interesting study carried out by Data from and DOMO, both studies showed that 97% of the CEOs are married and have an average of 3.1 children.


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