Sunday, December 21, 2014

Marketing Trend 2015 for Marketers – GEC Business Review

by Fred Victor.

The year 2014 has finally come to an end, and the new chapter 2015 has arrived. Wondering if marketers of small and medium enterprises (SME) or large corporations have reviewed their marketing budgets and implementations this 2014, and more importantly, considering realignments on marketing strategies and techniques for 2015.

Let’s take a look at these 5 marketing trends I predict and consider for 2015.

Trend One: Continue Adding Value to Your Brand
Looking at the business world today, the word “branding” are far more important than anything compared to the past ten years. In brief, brand is a combination of psychology, science and art that put together as a whole, delivering promise as a trademark. In fact, many companies nowadays put the goodwill value of their brand on balance sheets. To outplay in today’s hyper competitive marketplaces, don’t stop adding value to your brand!

Trend Two: Speed is the Essence of War
Particularly in the retail environment, it’s no surprise at all. For instance, F&B outlets such McDonald’s, Old Town White Coffee etc. have been changing its menu more than Candice Swanepoel’s wardrobe at the Victoria Secret shows. No doubt, everyone knows how impactful if a retail name brand is able to continually create new products and experience. The speed of production coupled with continuous improvement will set your brand like no other from the rest of 2015.  

Trend Three: Enhance Your Content
Earlier this year 2014, I have talked about Content Marketing StrategyJumps Onboard in 2014. In fact, it’s undeniable that there have been many videos, photos and articles circulated through online social media, more than any year before. I would believe that such rhythm will continue and increase this 2015.

If you’re still considering “SALE UP TO 80%”, “SALE 70% + 10%” etc., you’re going to make a big mistake.

Trend Four: Build Your Mobile Website
The recent MYCyberSALE launched from 29 Sept to 1 Oct 2014 was a successful story in Malaysia, such campaign was the first-ever Government-led national online sale in the world. There were a total of 280 participating sites, consisting of e-marketplaces, LLC/MNC, and standalone SME sites. In terms of gross merchandize volume (GMV), RM67 million total online transaction value generated from about 179,000 buyers during the 3-days event.

Most importantly, finding revealed that 57% visits to #MYCyberSALE website is originating from smartphones!

Trend Five: Focus Your Social Media Marketing
Though Facebook continues to dominate the social media environment ever since its inception in 2004 while other emerging social channels have begun to engage younger demographics such as Twitter, Google+, Instagram and so on. Nevertheless, a more focus should be placed on your selected social media places to focus, bringing your content and brand to live, and be able to respond to your customers faster, later converting them to loyal customers.

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