Sunday, June 28, 2015

3 Rules to Build Powerful Brand on Social Media with Almost Zero Cost – GEC Business Review


As you know, social media marketing is the “next big thing” following the accelerate growth of mobile internet particularly within Southeast Asian regions, social media is undeniably a powerful platform that must be taken advantage of. Studies also reported that there are over 1 billion of social network users in the world! It is more than the amount of the people watching television or newspaper now.

This shows that there is a huge potential for social media marketing especially on social networks are now innovating to gain more revenue. Building a powerful brand on social media in a meaningful way with almost zero cost is no easy task, but not impossible. We share our humble experience here at GE Consult, and please take a look at something about social media marketing to build your brand strategically. 

Rule 1: Synergize Your Selected Online Platforms 
What is your primary focus and which platform will help you reach your target audience? There are a lot of social media out there, you name it with the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and many more. Never the less you don’t have to have presence on every social media platform, just pick the ones where you can make a meaningful impact to your target audience, and do synergies.

Rule 2: Provide Meaningful Content 
Share something the followers will like to read or share, not something only you will read. First, you can focus on the content that would support your brand image. Humor could be interesting, but if you want to build a professional image, don’t share them on your pages. Share some posts which are meaningful and valuable. Second, make use of visual content. According to studies, people are likely be attracted by contents that contain images than without. 

Rule 3: Find Influencers
 Social media influencers are incredibly active nowadays, they have their existing audience, they frequently post, share and retweet posts. Without them, your inbound traffic will be limited to those who are not familiar with you and your brand, especially when you are an unknown brand. So try to connect with these influencers and convince them to share and retweet your content. How it works? You may quote their names or their website in your content, tag them in your social media channels, or email the influencers you have referenced. All of these works are to get them to share your posts on their social network, this might take time, but your efforts will be noticed sooner or later.

About GE Consult
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