Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Now Taxi Rides with JomTaxi Become Safer, Protected and Secure by TuneProtect


Making life easy through an application these days is almost a must to have in this technology era. We all are familiar that there are many taxi hailing apps out there. We are proud to bring a latest addition that will help make consumers life easier through the convenience of a mobile phone.

With focus on customer as well as taxi driver safety, Jomtaxi Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Tune Insurance Malaysia Berhad have put their minds together and brought about a new solution that will help enhance a better service and creating safer environment for all.

This application is focused on ensuring safety of both taxi drivers as well as the passengers. From as low as 30cents, passengers can subscribe to insurance protection from TuneProtect to ferry them with secure and safety protection throughout their journey. The coverage covers protection for women against rape, loss or damage of customer’s luggage or belongings, medical expenses, robbery and accidents. In the event of a fatal accident that involves the loss of life for both passenger and driver, TuneProtect will offer compensation to the family of the deceased to ease their burdens. The best part, the perks are completely FREE which Jomtaxi provides to taxi driver and fellow passengers.

GEConsult are the appointed consultants to Jomtaxi and have been advising them from the setup and launch of the JomProtect branding. Besides Jomtaxi, the JomProtect 2016/2017 campaign is also the proud brainchild and result of the productive collaboration between GEConsult, Jomtaxi and TuneProtect.        

It is hopeful to believe that it can rival the likes of UBER, GRABCAR and the rest in making it big in the app industry soonest.

**About GECB
GECB is a Malaysian-based SME & Startup consulting firm headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. Since inception in 2003, the company has been pioneering professional business plan and company profile services in Malaysia, and has assisted many local and overseas SMEs, large corporations and government agencies to grow business. For more info, please contact +603 2715 4356 or +6017 330 8077 and/or email info@geconsult.org today.

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