Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is Your Brand Working?

December 29, 2009
By Fred Victor

Does this situation sound familiar to you?

Brand doesn’t happen only within your Marketing Department. Further, Brand isn’t a project, it’s actually an ongoing process that establishes and develops a unique and compelling brand equity focuses the entire Company (profit and/or non-profit) on inspiring your customers.

Your brand logo, slogan, billboards, brochures etc. are not enough!

I personally believe that your business’s brand is an ongoing evolution. And, it serves as the centrality of your Company’s overall business strategy. Your brand isn’t simply talking about how it applies “visually”, but how it “connects” your Brand to your Company Departments as a whole.

Every contact your Company has with your customers is taken into consideration. Let’s take a shot to review how effective and efficiency your Brand is working. For instance:-

1. What you say from your Brand slogan (by your Marketing Dept.);
2. How it is conveyed (by your PR Dept.);
3. How you develop (by your R&D Dept.);
4. How you maintain quality & physical appearance (by your QC Dept.):
5. How you react (by your Sales Dept.);
6. How you handle billings & collections (by your Account Dept.);
7. How you support after-sales service (by your CS Dept.); and
8. How you maintain loyalty (by your CRM Dept.);

In general, all of these are part of your Brand, within your business model, that makes your Brand working.

The marketplace is ever-changing, so do consumer intelligence and perceptions. Hence, managing your Brand means evaluating the strengths of your Brand, emphasizing the value of your Brand with customers, and positioning your Brand, last but not least, to reflect true experience to your customers.

*Brand Equity refers to the marketing effects that accrue to a product with its brand name.
*PR refers to Public Relations.
*R&D refers to Research and Development.
*QC refers to Quality Control.
*CS refers to Customer Service.
*CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management.

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