Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chairman's Message

Updated 16.09.2011

Succeeding a business is difficult, maintaining a business is even more difficult.

Welcome to GE CONSULT!

GEC has been committed to Professional Business Consulting services. Whether you're buying over a business, opening a factory, or a small company, we're here to assist you in developing an investor-grade business plans to move down the road towards strategic pathway.

At GEC, we are results driven, and we have the professional services for your business needs, from company profile, business proposal, marketing plan, cost worksheet etc.

The word "The Planning Elements" has been our philosophy coupled with numerous track records particularly in corporate turnaround have epitomized the value we bring to our clients.

Should you need further clarification, please email me personally at and/or call +603 4031 1890 for further info.

Let's planning!

Datin Choo 

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