Sunday, September 18, 2011

Three Common Social Media Marketing Strategy Mistakes Should Avoid

The social media marketing, often shortened as SMM, is definitely a modern marketing strategy nowadays which helps companies (especially the small businesses) building a network of customers, allowing customers to stay in touch with their preferred brands and/or products and/or services, and eventually building the customer loyalty and the bottom line in the form of sales through effective brand exposure, communication and values.

Discount-driven is no longer appropriate in today’s business context, but market-oriented will outperform in the competition.

Unfortunately, there are many businesses simply have no idea to build a sound social media strategy, and plenty of mistakes are made. Here’s some common mistakes should avoid.

1. Avoid “People have, I have” Mentality
Creating a social media network on e.g. Facebook is relatively easy; however, building such network isn’t as easy as it sounds. Too often, there are significant number of businesses are of the mind that “people have, I have”, and “once account created, people will join”.

Quality content in your social media updates and/or posts (on an ideal frequency) plays an important role that will be able to influence customers to like you, stay with you, remember you (if you’re unique enough), and ultimately purchase.

2. Avoid Too Many “Updates” and “Discounts”
Needless to say when you were bombarded with too many updates and/or posts relating to product photos and discounts. Accordingly, more than three posts a day considered too many (provided if you’re running a press agency). It’s also annoying when there are too many updates on a single product (with non-stop discounts offering). I’d certainly doubt over the quality of such product especially when it comes to high discount, wouldn’t you?

3. Avoid “No Interaction”
One of the reasons why fast-growing usage of social media around the world is simply because people like interacting with friends and others in real time. That’s what makes online games to become so widely played among friends and neighbours, around the world!

So, don’t ever fail to lure conversations with your fans or followers by posting quality contents on an ideal frequency. Don’t overdo!

The social media marketing “pie” (industry) is evolving rapidly. It’s definitely an opportunity for small businesses to further enhance their brands’ positions (e.g. niche) in order to compete with big brands.  

It’s definitely a place where “small knife cuts big tree” (小刀鋸大樹a well-known Chinese wisdom of life) scene could occur.

Nothing is impossible, it can be a miracle!

Courtesy of Marketing Channel


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