Monday, September 26, 2011

Keywords as Marketable Branding Tools

It’s really a question when this is brought to the table, many of us could have possibly ignored it, perhaps. In brief, when writing Website content, blog post or product/service description on a leaflet, by including powerful keywords that your target market uses to find you is undeniably important when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO).

Wonder if you have ever thought of any unique keywords to best describe your business, vis-à-vis the rest of your products and services? Needless to say, one of your business goals is to stand out, and to have your customers and new customers find you with those relevant keywords before they have the chance to think of alternatives, right?

Probably it’s time for you to start considering of any unique keywords to best describe your business, your brands, and your products/services.

To begin, here’s some tips to conduct keyword research which in a way to ensure your business becomes synonymous with those keywords.

Define Your Keywords
Always be remembered that to avoid using hyper-competitive keywords that will easily pull up millions of hits e.g. fashion. Having said that, you should narrow down the list of possible keywords by adding 2 to 3 words e.g. Fashion Online Malaysia.

Conduct Keyword Search
There are several online tools available that you can easily use to conduct keywords search.  Let’s start with some popular platforms like Wordtracker, Market Samurai, or Google Webmaster Tools.  Once determined, you should inform your marketing team to consistently use them, online and offline.

Linking Keywords Consistently
Once every keyword is defined, you should not ignore including relevant keyword into your each online post or printed material such as brochure. Just include those relevant keywords into your brand’s slogan, Facebook, Twitter, catalogue and so on. Last but not least, make sure your colleagues are using those keywords in ALL their communications with customers!

Again, it’s all about consistency!

Courtesy of Marketing Channel

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