Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fashion Show Planning Guide

Well, fashion shows are fun, and great ways to introduce a fashion line and/or fashion store/boutique to the public or the fashion community.

Although organizing a fashion show can be extremely time-consuming as it requires hard teamwork involved, it will pay off in the end.  

Besides, highlighting the problems within the community or industry is another extreme valuable thing to deal with. You may consider addressing issues on global warming, healthy living, recycling, child abuse and other issues. Having said that, it’s not a one-man-show task, but a team!

Therefore, planning a fashion show requires lots of attention and detailed-understanding throughout the show. The following tips may provide a guidance to plan and implement a successful show.

So, let’s get down to the business!

1. Make an ideal budget, sponsorships are always considerable.

2. Venue for the show is important as it dictates the date and length of your show. Consider whether it will be possible for you to hold rehearsals.

3. Recruit your team such as show producer, backstage manager, entertainment manager, stylist / wardrobe manager, hair & makeup artist, casting manager, program and guest list manager, promotional manager (see note below for their basic job description respectively).

4. Pick a theme. A fashion show themed as “eco fashion” doesn’t mean it has to follow a particular format. Just be as creative as you like. Enjoy it and have fun!

5. Decide the length and layout of the catwalk.

6. Be creative! You can consider having dance routines, live music or magic show to be part of your show.

7. Think about how you are going to introduce your show.

8. Investigate need for special permits, licenses, insurance etc.

9. Pick a good photographer.

10. Make sure the show starts within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, it’s respectful of the guests.

11. Understand the taste of journalists, editors and media partners that you invited.

12. Be creative on your script with great emcee. Audience will certainly be attracted.

13. Have some sort of fun-filled description of any add-on accessories for the emcee to speak about, this adds sense of humour and helps guests to remember certain fashion line after seeing them only for 30-plus seconds each.

14. Don’t forget to bring enough body makeup for any unexpected suntan lines of body blemishes on your models.

15. Have great dressers who can quickly assist your models to dress, especially the model that will be shown a lot.

16. Don’t forget the double tape (for you to mark out the shape and length of the catwalk).

17. Arrange for photos of VIPs, celebrities, committees, models etc.

18. Don’t blow out guests’ eardrums! Play congruent music for each mood set, make sure it has a good beat that doesn’t urge he models to walk too fast). Transition music is important too.

19. Meet and greet with the designers after the show for media.

20. Don’t forget to recognize the sponsors (you should find sponsors to collaborate if you’re new).

21. Simulcasts your show on large screens to the right and/or left of the stage. Webcast it, and send out bulk e-mail targeting buyers who may not be able to attend the show.

22. Last but not least, REHEARSE, REHEARSE, and REHEARSE!!

Show Producer ensures that everyone else knows what they are doing and are doing it.
Backstage Manager ensures that everything goes exactly to plan on the day.
Entertainment Manager informs the other performers about rehearsal times and dates.
Stylist/wardrobe Manager is responsible for the content of the show.
Hair and Make-up Artist creates image for the models.
Casting Manager makes certain that all models know what they are doing.
Program and Guest list Manager designs the show program and compiles as well as manage guest list.
Promotional Manager advertises the event.

Courtesy of Marketing Channel


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