Saturday, March 1, 2014

3 Steps to Define Your Brand DNA – GEC Business Review

by Fred Victor

Branding is not as superficial as just beautifully-designed logo with stunning slogan and images. In contrast, the DNA of your brand is an integral part.

Whether you are running a small grocery shop, a consulting firm or a non-profit organization, you have a brand. If you do not take initiative step to differentiate your brand, you are likely not recognized in the public.

Branding, in actual fact, requires you to look into your product or service as well as your organization as a whole. Having said that, here are five steps which considered core to define your brand DNA, getting your branding on track.

1. Define Core Principle and Value
Case Study: AirAsia
Simply ask what is important to your organization as well as customers. For instance, AirAsia’s no-frill strategy talks the talk. Efficiency creates savings which are then passed on to guests so that affordable air travel can become a reality. Through AirAsia’s philosophy of ‘Now Everyone Can Fly’, AirAsia has sparked a revolution in air travel, more importantly, AirAsia realizes everyone’s dream to fly … affordably.

2. Create a Story for Your Product 
Case Study: Tiffany & Co
Ask yourself what do you deliver to your customer in terms of value. Go beyond the physical appearance of your product. For example, I’d believe every woman wants to receive Tiffany Blue Box, a well-crafted Tiffany Story by Tiffany & Co.

“Crowned with a white ribbon, the Tiffany Blue Box is an international symbol of style and sophistication.” – Tiffany & Co.

3. Determine Your Company or Product’s Personality
Case Study: Senheng Electric
To achieve this, you have to think like a product psychologist, simply asking yourself “Who are you?” Senheng Electric is best to illustrate this scenario. In electrical and electronic retail industry, Senheng is so cool, they provide an exceptional retail innovations unlike many other traditional stores with incredible shopping experience through its meaningful loyalty programs such as Plus One Card and Plus One Lady Card.

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