Friday, March 7, 2014

Samsung Marketing Strategy Sets Record-Breaking Oscars 2014 Selfie – GEC Business Review

by Fred Victor

The selfie that breaks Twitter record. (Image: The EllenShow)
It's record breaking by Ellen Degeneres! She set a retweet world record with a spontaneous-looking star-studded selfie at recent Oscars 2014, sources circulating the web that it wasn't a completely unplanned thing. Two people related to the matter told The Wall Street Journal, Samsung and its partner Starcom MediaVest had negotiated with Oscars and ABC TV Network to include Samsung Galaxy smartphones as a part of its sponsorship and ad deal.

According to the deal, ABC agreed the devices would get airtime. Sources also further revealed that the ad strategy included product plugs such as displaying the device during red carpet session and ABC also ran a clip of six aspiring young filmmakers touring Disney Studios by using Samsung devices.

(Image: ABC)

Samsung has reportedly spent a whopping amount of around US$20 million on ads that ran during the Oscar 2014 broadcast. However, it seems, it managed to get the most promotional reach from the host Ellen DeGeneres during the show. The tweet had broken the record even before the show was over.

The classical selfie that breaks Twitter Record: Ellen DeGeneres's snap with Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Meryl Streep gets retweeted by millions.

(Image: AFP)
·         (1) Broke the record for most retweets, with 1.7 million in just less than an hour.
·         (2) Tweet was favourited over 700,000 times (and still counting ...)
·         (3) Ellen announced on stage that the tweet status 'broke Twitter' as the site crashed because of the massive traffic from her picture.
·         (4) Took the picture on her Oscar sponsor Samsung Galaxy phone which she whipped out at various points during the night.
·         (5) Beat record of 778,000 which held by President Barack Obama.

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