Saturday, March 15, 2014

3 Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Works – GEC Business Review

by Kelvin Wong

What makes your content marketing work? While the answer is definitely quality in many cases, but it's also could be much complex

Content marketing programs can fail due to a lack of a well-defined mission and goal or even a poor understanding of how the brand’s engage with customers through different mediums. Studies revealed that half of brands today have a defined content marketing strategy in place, but only less than 1/3 of marketers consider themselves effective at creating content.

Whether you’re getting yourself into a publishing mindset or you’re refining your current content marketing approach, here are five significant ways to improve the your content marketing results.

1. Define Your Mission
Your brand should be closely tied to your content marketing mission. It’s highly recommended that building an action-oriented mission after identifying the value of your brand will provide to your customers, and how your content will help them to understand. Marketing experts suggest that a mission-driven content strategy “educates, sparks discussions, and makes an impact on its audience.” The latter allows your brand to stand out from crowd.

2. Set Your Goal
Behind every great content brand is at least one individual who isn’t afraid to delve deep into metrics and make decisions accordingly. Your strategy should include goals or measurable KPIs, otherwise you’ll not be able to make content marketing work. The best metrics-driven content marketing programs will include diverse goals which range from social shares to SEO improvements. 

3. Create a Shareable Content
The most effective content marketing is highly shareable, allowing your brand to organically gain great exposure from social media. Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti recommends spending 50% of your time considering content promotion and distribution when conceptualizing content. As a rule of thumb, highly shareable content is often visual (but not text-only content), has emotional appeal and is contextually relevant by being mapped to current events or recent announcements.

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