Saturday, April 26, 2014

Why SME Should Do Customer Service – GEC Business Review

by Jess Lee

It always begins with knowing your customer closer ... only then you can begin to understand what they want and need.

That’s why SME should do customer service, to stand out. One of the most important customer service skills that SME can develop is the ability to understand and effectively respond to the customer’s needs and concerns. Those days, sales have been perceived to be the most – that to convince customers to purchase a product or a service.

A good customer service starts from firstly taking the time to get to know the customers, their situations, their problems and their goals. Once you have a good handle on what is on their hearts, then you will know what and how to offer the customers that are attractive and competitive.

Customer satisfaction is actually a marketing term that measures how your products or services supplied that meet or even surpass a customer’s expectation. If you are a SME owner, and considering to enhance customer satisfaction, here are 3 main reasons why SME should do customer service.

A Point of Differentiation
In a competitive marketplace nowadays where businesses are competing each other to win customers, customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator. Businesses that succeed in such cut throat situations are those that make customer satisfaction a key element.

Savings Matters 
Being excellent at customer service means you focus on what your customer wants, this also means that you focus on what they don’t want as well. SME companies that have cut out the things that their customers do not care about or even no intention to, have been able to remove those non value-adding elements, and will be able to put more focus onto the things that really matter.

Word of Mouth Reputation
Word of mouth is a very strong indicator as to how your company (or brand) is perceived by customers. But there are many useful values that to ponder such as savings on costs, fast services to meet urgent needs and many more. 

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