Saturday, June 14, 2014

3 Tips for a Remarkable Tagline – GEC Business Review

by Kelvin Wong

In our observations at GE Consult, most taglines of SMEs are overcomplicated and worse, some have been overlooked.  Ask yourself if you have ever seen a tagline on a company profile or a marketing brochure or even an online ad and had no idea what the business was all about? Look, your business maybe fall into the same trap. Here are 3 tips to make your tagline as well as your business stand-out.

Tips #1 : Be Short and Simple
A great tagline or slogan should say a lot by a little. At GE Consult for instance, our tagline in company profile is “Expert in Marketing Consulting, Branding & Business Writing”, and our marketing materials stress on “We Help SME Fly”. Yes, they speak a ton with fewer words to the audience. Think about a powerful one.

Tips #2 : Be Scenario Driven
The more focused tagline will likely capture more eyeballs, and ultimately trigger readers’ decision on your offerings. At GE Consult, our tagline in business plan service is “Small Business, Big Ideas” that speaks a specific scenario on a particular service. Again, the more focus it is, the more audience will likely think about your product or service that goes beyond customer expectations.

Tips #3 : Be Functional on Your Offering
It is undoubtedly the best taglines or slogans are those the simplest, straight-forward and functional. At GE Consult, for instance, our company profile tagline says “Providing Powerful Company Profiles to SME Clients in Malaysia and the rest of Asia”. Ask yourself if your tagline explains your product or service does highlight the “recipe” to potential customers, providing them what they “need” instead of mere “want”, in a way making your business stands out from the competition.

About GE Consult
Founded since 2003, GE Consult has helped numerous local SMEs/SMIs in developing their company profiles, business plans, business proposals etc. assisted clients in securing business deals and contracts. If you are looking for a winning company profile or any professional services, please do not hesitate to contact us at (+6017) 330 8077 and/or email for further service explanation.

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