Sunday, June 1, 2014

3 Matters that Investors Need to Know About Your Business Plan – GEC Business Review

by Fred Victor

For over a decade, hundreds of business plans have been crafted, and countless of investors have been approached, it is the most profound experience that we have had in GE Consult. Well … when it comes to business plan, in my opinion, there are 3 matters which considered significant when you pitch your business ideas, whether to angel investors, venture capitalists or private equity firms. They are all looking at the 3 core criteria, I observed.

By deploying my favourite 7Ps marketing mix, you should be well-prepared when you pitch your business plan for funding, by focusing the 3 matters hereunder.

Matter #1 : Product
My Business Idea is Unique and Sustainable
Demonstrating your product and/or service strong position will be extremely important during your business plan introductory session. What makes your product/service so unique and sustainable for target customers? Prove the short- and long-term demand in your target markets by showing some supporting demand- and business-related growth data, preferably in micro- and macro-environment terms.

… think product.

Matter #2 : Placement, Promotion, Price, Process, Pace
Our Business Model Assures Making Money
The ideal business model (for your business) that will be able to generate profits and cash flow timely is ultimately what creates value for your investors. Besides, your business model should be structurally cost effective coupled with great promotion plus pricing mechanics through fast delivery, possibly creating extraordinary algorithms.

… think business model.

Matter #3 : People
We Have the Right Team with Right Attitude
Believe or not, the right team with right attitude is the primary concern that an investor considers even if your market and product may not exist. Ask yourselves if you are not passionate about what you are doing, neither your investors nor your potential customers are not going to be. Having said that, your team’s right combination of skill sets and experience has the potentials to turn your “dream” a “reality”.

… think your team

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