Saturday, October 18, 2014

3 Tips for SME Strong Content Marketing Foundation – GEC Business Review

by Jess Lee

There are countless of websites have been around ever since the booming Internet era, conservatively there are over 850 million websites worldwide as of December 2013, according to source. The question is, how to generate clicks for your web content? Whether a thousand clicks? Ten thousand clicks? As a online marketer of a SME (Small and Medium Enterprises), you are required to generate unending stream of unique and valuable content for both your customers and potential customers.

To outstand in a crowd, SME needs to face it inevitably, it is a MUST!

This article provides five practical tips, helping SMEs to create their very own clickable content idea.

1. Style Your Own Identity
Let’s be yourself! Your identity is actually an imaginary representation of your customers, in other words, it is how your customers perceive who you are. Having said that, you company identity is not only the fundamental of your marketing strategy, but also the entire business functions within your company as a whole.

Therefore, tailoring content around your company identity will help defining your company position and build loyal customer base.

2. Quality Content, not Quantity
This has been actually a frequently-asked question, “Writing tons of simple articles?” or “Writing extraordinary articles?”  No doubt, writing content is really a time-consuming thing, it is not quantity matter, but quality that makes your company looks differently. The bottom line is every content you created brings value to your readers, show your readers you are the industry expert!

3. Content Marketing is Marathon, not Sprint Run
Some business owners think that content marketing is an instant online tactic to create hype, improving search ranking for short period of time. But, a strong content marketing is actually a smart and long term investment. More importantly, it last forever! That said, such content piece will be available for as long as you grant it—so that other readers and new customers will benefit for a long time. In contrast, unlike a TV commercial ad that will be left after the marketing campaign is over.

About GE Consult
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